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It's entirely possible I make too many of these.

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Under the cut:
+12 Pretty People (Misc girls and some newsmen, fake and real)
+5 Nature/Stock Photos
+7 wordy (Latin, Daily Show, and Misc)
+13 The Colbert Report
+27 The Daily Show


Pretty People

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#1-2 I admire this woman so much, I can't even tell you.
#3 I love this photo of Cate Blanchett. The first time I tried to get it into icon form, it just wasn't working for me, so I gave it up as a lost cause until I was randomly scrolling through my files and just--cropped it. Without thinking. And somehow it worked.
#4 I dunno, I just love this dress. Don't judge me.
#5-7 Who isn't in love with Anderson Cooper?
#8-12 Same for these two, dammit. I had the hardest time picking the brush for #8, everything I tried just seemed ridiculously phallic and I could practically hear him giggling at me. If you think the one I picked is bad, you should see the ones I turned down. XD


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#1 Photo taken by my dad, a long time ago, in Florida. This frog was just chillin on the top of our tent and I still find him hilarious and adorable.
#3-5 As if I wasn't pretentious and self-centered enough, these were made because of a dream I had. Go figure.


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This may be the geekiest set of icons I've ever made. Okay.
#1-4 Watching Stardust, I squealed like a fool at "Babylon candles," because this is the poem the concept came from.
#5-6 These are the first three words of The Aeneid. My (English) copy translates it "I sing of arms and a man." The small text on #6 says "or: two years of translating I'll never get back," because I did two years of Latin and translating two books of this poem was the last thing we did.
#7 A Latin translation of the poem: Latin is a dead language/As dead as can be/It killed off all the Romans/And now it's killing me! I love the use of "mortuissima" in the second line, it's a Latin superlative which literally translates to "very dead," and it cracks me up because I can't help but read it as "really most sincerely dead." ... I am such a god damn nerd.

The Colbert Report

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Pretty much every icon I make of him is going to be of a character break and/or a smile. I can't fucking help it. The Gravitas Eyebrows (tm) do nothing for me, but his smile melts me inside and the next thing I know, there's 30 icons of it. It's worse than Jon's stupid "you are adorable and crazy and I love you" face.

#1-2 I know I don't have to explain this one. I wasn't the only who squealed like a deranged fangirl seal at the very first shot of the February 2nd show, and you all know why.
#3-4 2/2/09, Fair Pay Act and Dan Zaccagnino, respectively.
#5-10 2/5/09: End: Keep Your Friends Close, Economic Stimulus Debate, and I know I for one would not object if every week was fire safety week.
#12-13 I don't know, someone posted an pen fixation spam and I ran with it. (Edit: Lies! I am such a flake! It's from the cocaine honey bit that left all of us utterly distracted for some reason. And was on my birthday, no less, not that that matters to anyone. 2/10/09: Shout-Out: Honey.)

The Daily Show

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#1-2 1/22/09: Obama Closing Gitmo. Yes, I am fangirling like crazy over that whole show. Why?
#3-5 2/5/09: Economic Recovery Plan. Yeah, this is my favorite face of his, ever. And I think you can tell by now I'm obsessed with his expressions.
#6 2/11/09: Wall-Street Bailout. This will NEVER stop being funny to me, even if it doesn't work out of context in an icon.
#7-8 Like #12 and 13 of Stephen, I don't know what this is from, I just know it's hot.
#9-11 1/28/09: Stim City. I blame #10 on my DC-Area, PG-County roots which have been showing like crazy lately.
#12-26 2/14/06: Duck and Cover. Yeah, that's right. I did the tea bit. Like I could resist! As Jon says: happy Valentine's Day to YOU!

#27 1/29/09: The Death of Hope. I had a request for more wordy TDS icons, and I'm going to try and fill it, though what quotes inspire me is kind of random. I'll take suggestions if anyone else is interested.
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