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I have Daily Show icons to post, but first I really need to get these out.

Credit anjerla or portusicons--I'm not a freak for credit, but it does help people find this comm. :) Thanks.
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Under the cut:

+17 Nature/Stock
+7 Miscellaneous pretty people



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16. 17.

My photos: #1, #9

Yeah, my current obsessions are umbrellas and masks. Don't ask me why.

#4 It is astonishingly hard to find good pictures of people swinging. Tragedy.
#8 So the original picture for this was atrocious. The umbrella was like this sickly green color, his coat was red (and a weirdly dark gray once desaturated), and with all the colors in the background it just didn't work. I don't know why it caught my eye--I think I just wanted to change everything about it and see what came out.
#9 Unlike this one, where I pretty much changed nothing. This is my photo and it's one of my favorites.
#11-12 I don't get the white umbrella on the beach thing, but this picture captured me so much that I even made a layout. For whatever reason.


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06. 07.

#1 I don't know anything about Jenny Lewis. I just LOVE this picture.
#2 Cate Blanchett (this was a beautiful photoshoot)
#3 Jewel Staite
#4 The gorgeous Anderson Cooper
#5 Michael Palin ('s not weird that I'm in love with him, right?)
#6 Elijah Wood
#7 James McAvoy
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