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So, here's the thing. I was going to make an icon from The Daily Show. I had a couple sitting around of Jon and Stephen and there was a bit I couldn't resist and it was going to be fun and it would maybe go in a multi-fandom post.

Then. Uh. I started watching old clips from the show. And one icon turned into ten. And then I went on vacation where I had loads of free time.

38 icons later, I really need to stop because this is completely out of hand. They aren't even that good. I blame Jon Stewart's facial expressions.

So, yeah, credit anjerla or portusicons. It helps people find this journal! Also, I am a whore!
Resources from people much more talented than me.
Comments are love, but not required! :)



01. 02. 03. 04. 05.

06. 07.

#6-7 I actually have no clue what these are from, he's just gorgeous. :)

The Colbert Report

01. 02. 03. 04. 05.

06. 07.

#1-5 December 10, 2008: Rod Blagojevich's Birthday. Also, I have a major fucking crush on that TIE. *swoon*
#6-7 June 19, 2008: Cookie Monster

The Daily Show

01. 02. 03. 04. 05.

06. 07. 08. 09. 10.

11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

21. 22. 23. 24. 25.

26. 27. 28. 29.

#1-3 June 5, 2000: Even Stevphen - Reality TV. This segment is so freaking adorable.
#4-5 October 23, 2000: Magazine Roundup.
#6-7 November 10, 2003: Prince Charles Scandal. The shot I iconed doesn't show it, but this is one of the funniest bits ever. I love it when they completely lose it.
#8 June 11, 2002: Headlines - Dirty Something
#9-11 May 11, 2004: Giant Mess O'Potamia - Damn the Press
#12-14 February 4, 2008: Late Night Tangle. Everything from the late night brawl is freaking epic. :) These are actually the icons that started it all.
#15-16 January 14, 2008: South Carolina Debate
#17 January 14, 2008: Toss - What's For Dinner? I love it when Jon makes that face and when he makes it at Stephen, it rocks my whole world. :)
#18-24 September 24, 2008: Joe Versus the Volcano
#25 December 2, 2008: Intro - Election in Verse
#26-29 December 2, 2008: Indecision 2008 - Chambliss vs. Martin
Tags: anjerla's icons, sets, the colbert report, the daily show
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oh my gosh, i took so many! will credit. :D
Thank you! Have fun! Also, your icon makes me so happy. :)
Taking 16 & 19. Will credit of course :)
Thanks! ENJOY.
Can't. Stop. Loooking at #1 of the Colbert Report and #12 of the Daily Show.
I'm taking a few -- will credit when use. :)
Mwahahaha. My plan, it falls into place. *MESMERIZES* That makes me happy though, 12 was a bitch to make and I can't believe it turned out at all, let alone HYPNOTICALLY. Heh.

Anyway thanks, and have fun with them!
I grabbed a bunch. Will credit. :D
I'm out of ways to say this, but, thanks! Enjoy!

Deleted comment

Well, you just made my day. My face: :DDDDD

Thank you!
Oh my. You made some realllllly awesome icons here. I snagged a TON of them and I promise to give you credit!! :D
Aww, thanks. :) I appreciate it, enjoy them!


9 years ago

These are all so great. I absolutely love #18 and I am snagging a couple.
Oh, good, I was worried that one wouldn't work outside my own head. Thank you! Enjoy!
Snagging a bunch for later. 8D
:D Thanks! Use them well! Or something!
These are awesome! Snagged most, will credit when used. I hope you make more! :-)
Haha thanks. Don't worry, I've already got a couple more waiting. Once I have enough I'll stick 'em in a multi-fandom post. There (probably) won't be as many, but I'm not even remotely out of steam. O.o
♥ These icons are awesome (I've had this open in a tab for over a week now; cannot choose!), and thank you for the list of links, too! Adorable! :-)
Haha! I do that too with icons, and then I end up saving like all of them. Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you liked the links, I always want to see the clip people's icons are from, but I'm a big lurker and feel stupid for asking, so this is my slightly OCD solution. Plus it helps me keep track...anyway, thank you, I hope you enjoy them!
cute ones! alas, no on has yet iconified him making fun of Caroline yet. I'm desperate for an ainmated one of him doing the last 'Yuh know,like... yuh know.'

but I love these. I miss when Colbert was still on TDS
That happened after I made this post, but! That was a great segment! Here:

I would've had them sooner, but I kept having to stop because I was laughing too hard to fiddle with image layers. Sorry about that. And the graininess. *sigh*
Oh my, I took a few Daily Show and will credit.

I love the captions!
Thanks! Glad I'm not only funny to me. :)
These are fantastic! Taking a bunch, thanks. :-)
These are wonderful!

If you don't mind asking, how did you get number 12 effect? I'd to achieve the same thing with a picture I got.
Thank you!

Oh lord. It is...well. I used this tutorial here. It's for Paint Shop and Animation Shop, but I did it in Gimp, and had to get a little creative to compress it. That tutorial has you do everything about 50 pixels to the right, but I had to up the number a little because the filesize was HUGE and it was going really slow.

If you need me to be more detailed, let me know. I still have most of the work I did on it.


9 years ago

ooh! stephen is so pretty without his glasses in #3 of the Daily Show set! and i like jon in #28, with smiley. will happily credit! thanks. :)
I know, he's so adorable! Heh, thanks, enjoy!
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